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Starters & Sharers

Vegetable Soup V Gf - £4.99

Always homemade and very popular soup, with bread

Chef’s Soup Gf - £5.50

Homemade soup, with bread, ask our staff for today’s variety

Chargrilled Vegetables V Gf - £5.99

Served with balsamic vinegar

Cheesy Garlic Mushrooms V Gf - £5.99

Fresh mushrooms cooked in a homemade sauce, served with bread

Halloumi Sticks V Gf - £6.50

Crispy polenta coated halloumi cheese grilled and served with sweet chili sauce and salad garnish

Whitebait - £6.50

Breaded whitebait deep-fried, with brown bread and tartare sauce

Prawn Cocktail Gf - £6.75

North Atlantic prawns, homemade Marie Rose sauce, on a bed of lettuce, with brown bread

Nachos V Gf - £6.99

Crunchy tortilla chips with salsa, topped with cheese, then grilled, served with sour cream

- Spice Up! Add jalapeños for only £1.50

Barbecue Chicken Wings Gf - 5 for £5.50 - or - 12 for £10.50

Marinated in barbecue sauce and served with a salad garnish

Traditional Classics

Rump Steak Gf - £16.99

Prime rump steak grilled, served with chips, peas, grilled tomato and mushrooms

Add Peppercorn Sauce for only £2.00

Lamb Shank - £14.99

Lamb shank slow roasted in mint gravy, served on top of real mashed potatoes, with vegetables

Beer Battered Fish - £12.99

Traditional freshly beer battered fillet, deep-fried until golden, served with chips and mushy peas

Caesar Salad V Gf - £8.99

Cos lettuce, homemade bread croutons, Italian Parmesan cheese all drizzled with our special Caesar dressing

Add chicken for only £2

Sausage and Mash Gf - £10.99

Served with real mashed potatoes, vegetables and homemade gravy

Scampi & Chips - £10.99

Whole-tail breaded scampi, served with salad and chips

Tikka Curry;

Vegetable £8.99

Chicken £10.99

Prawn £11.99

A classic curry of north Indian spices, cooked fresh with tomatoes, cream and coconut, served on a bed of rice with your choice of ingredient, naan bread and mango chutney

Ham & Eggs Gf - £9.75

Slices of home roasted gammon ham, served with 2 fried eggs and chips

Add garden peas for only £1

Mac & Cheese V - £8.99

Covered in homemade cheese sauce, topped with cheese, grilled and served with garlic bread

Add bacon for only £1.50

Hunters Chicken Gf - £12.99

Chicken breast grilled and topped with barbecue sauce, bacon and cheese, served with chips and salad

Vegetable Lasagne V - £9.99

Homemade and served with garlic bread

Homemade Burgers

All served with in a bun with a beer battered onion ring, tomatoes, lettuce and chips

Beef Burger - £10.99

Served with coleslaw

Chicken Burger - £10.99

Served with mayonnaise

Falafel Burger V - £9.99

Made with chickpea, garlic, onion, parsley and coriander, served with a tomato salsa sauce

Top Ups! £1.50 each

Grilled Bacon | Fried Egg | Cheddar | Stilton | Jalapeños | Halloumi


Garlic Bread V - £3.25

With Cheese V - £4.25

With Jalapeños & Cheese V - £4.99

With Bacon & Cheese - £5.50

Button Mushrooms | Baked Beans Gf V - £2.00

Onion Rings | Mixed Salad | Vegetables V - £2.50

Chips | Baby Potatoes | Roast Potatoes (Sunday’s Only) Gf V - £3.25

With cheese Gf V - £4.25

Sweet Potato Fries Gf V -.£3.99

Cauliflower Cheese Gf V -.£4.50