Christmas Bookings

Christmas Booking Requirements

Bookings Only

Our Christmas menus are only available for Bookings, All Bookings should be made by phone on 01473 652 408, please also see Notes below.


A Non-Refundable deposit of £10 per person is required for evenings and weekends, £5 for Monday to Friday Lunchtimes.


All bookings are required to select their meal choices two weeks prior to their booking date and pay the remaining balance, with the order.


  1. Our menus are available for bookings only and include dressed tables with crackers
  2. Our regular menus will also be available throughout December
  3. When ordering the Gluten free options, please note a Gf if they must be gluten free, other dietary needs also catered.
  4. 2 courses is a ‘Main’ & a ‘Starter’ or a ‘Dessert’, on the day additional ‘Starters’ will Not be available, additional ‘Desserts’ will be from our regular selection, Not our Christmas menus.
  5. The above are in addition to our standard Terms & Conditions